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Ahh, the nostalgia! Welcome one and all to the history of the Almighty Chicken Feed Tipping Comp. Take a walk down memory lane and see how this once humble - now thriving - NRL tipping competition came to be. Here, you can bask in past glories, ponder what might have been, or dream about your chance to make history. Your 15 minutes in the spotlight. One moment in time.

__1998 - 2001______The formative years
The history of the Almighty Chicken Feed Tipping Comp goes all the way back to the 1998 NRL season. Way back then, it was only a two-person competition between Craig and Andrew. Craig won the 1998 comp by 2 games, but from then it was an Andrew white-wash for several years ... with him claiming the 1999, 2000, 2001, & 2002 titles.

__2002_____________Making the big game bigger
Always looking to do things bigger and better than before, Andrew was all too happy when little sister Erin expressed an interest in joining the comp in 2002. Andrew needed a run for his money, because he was getting tired of wiping the floor with Craig! So, in the 2002 season, Andrew came first, and Erin came a close second ... but poor Craig, he got wholloped again!

__2003 - 2004______The evolution continues
2003 brought with it two new tipsters AND a new champion. Craig's younger brother and sister - Greg and Kristy - joined in the footy-tipping festivities. As I just mentioned, in 2003 we had a brand new champion. Erin narrowly defeated Andrew, Craig came in third, with Greg fourth, and way behind (but a good first-up effort) in fifth was Kristy.
The 2004 season was a very close one for most of the year. Craig became champion for only the 2nd time, and his 1st title since the very first Almighty Chicken Feed Tipping Comp in 1998. Greg almost pipped him at the post - only going down by 2 points. Andrew and Erin finished in equal 3rd position - 9 points back, while Kristy finished once again in last place.

__2005 - 2008______Expansion: We spread our (chicken) wings
In 2005, we welcomed another two tipsters to the competition. Erin's friend Rachel (see, the Almighty One can spell it correctly!), and Erin and Andrew's father Kevin both join the fray. Craig won back-to-back Almighty Chicken Feed Footy Tipping titles in 2005, becoming only the 2nd person to do so. Kevin finished his first season in a close second place, Andrew finished not too far away in third, and Erin, Rachel, Greg, and Kristy finished in the minor placings.
2006: The closest tipping year yet (with more than 2 players, that is). Coming into the latter stages of the regular season, there was only a handful of points seperating first and last. Andrew won his 5th title, with Greg and Kevin tying for 2nd place. Craig was hot on their heels, as was Erin, and coming in at 6th place was Rachel, and I'm sorry to say for Kristy, season 2006 brought another last-placed result!
2007: Kevin 07! Kevin won his first Almighty Chicken Feed Tipping Comp in 2007, but gee it was a close season yet again. Kevin went one better than 2006 to win the comp by a single point over Craig, who held off Greg by a single point for him to come in 3rd spot. Only a few points behind came Andrew, who beat Erin by even more points again. Hallelujah! Kristy didn't come in last place for the first time since she joined the comp back in 2003! She held off a fast-finishing Rachel by only 2 points (and it was only 1 point coming into the Grand Final!).
2008: The Centenary Year for Rugby League in Australia. Erin and Andrew's mother (and Kevin's wife of course) joined in the Chicken Feedy goodness of the Tipping Comp, and only just managed to escape finishing last in her first attempt - just edging out Kristy. Craig won his 4th Almighty Chicken Feed Tipping Comp title by a single point - won only in the Grand Final over Kevin. This was the closest season on record ... both the NRL and this cocky Tipping Comp. It was tough, but good to see it being so close.

__2009 - ___________The Chicken Loses A Feather
For the start of the 2009 season, it appears as though Greg has (temporarily at least) stood down from the pressures of the weekly Almighty Chicken Feed Tipping Comp grind. I shouldn't say that. Outside circumstances have prevented his participation at this stage, however it is hoped he can re-join the coup. So, stepping in is the rather conspicuous Mr.Average. Mr.Average is a fence-sitter. He has no mind of his own, preferring to go with the flow. He tips who the majority have tipped. If it's even, he continues to sit on the fence (possibly hurting his bum-bum) and tips a draw.

History has yet to be written about the 2009 season. Will Greg continue tipping? Will the mysterious Mr.Average prove 'majority rules'? Time will tell. Let's hope that 2009 brings another evenly-matched competition, and most of all, that it be enjoyed by all. Good luck to all players.

Where will this tipping comp expand to next ... only God, and certain almighty poultry breeds, may know the answer.

As 2003 was the first of the tipping comps that appeared online, the previous 5 years simply cannot have their own page. All I can give you is around-about kinda results ... so here they are!

1998 - Craig won by 2 games over Andrew. Coming into the '98 Grand Final, he was ahead by 1 game. Andrew thought that the Broncos would win, but tipped Canterbury, just in case of an upset. Didn't happen. C'est la vie.
1999 - Andrew defeated Craig. I have a feeling it was by about 6 games, but that is completely debatable.
2000 - Andrew defeated Craig. Once again, it's just a feeling, but this time I think it may have been by 11 games.
2001 - Andrew defeated Craig. Same as the previous 2 years, I'm totally basing the result on a feeling. This time by 7 games.
2002 - Andrew won, Erin came second, Craig came third and last. I think Andrew beat Erin by 3 games, who in turn beat Craig by another 5 games.
2003 - A new era - the Almighty Chicken Feed Tipping Comp goes online for the 1st time. For the complete results of 2003, click here.
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