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There aren't too many rules with this tipping comp. In actual fact, most of them are standard footy tipping competition rules anyway. There are some that have been modified for the benefit of the Almighty Chicken Feed Tipping Comp participants. If you're not quite clear on any of them, or you have a dispute with one, simply e-mail me and I'll do what I can. Also, if you know of one I have missed out, just let us know.


* If you forget to tip for a game or the entire weekend or anything in between, then you will be designated the AWAY team/s.
The only exceptions being your favourite team. You will be given them (doesn't matter if they are the home or away team).
Favourite teams are:
Andrew Knights
Erin Knights
Kevin Knights
Linda Knights
Craig Broncos
Greg Sea Eagles
Kristy Rabbitohs & Cowboys (Bunnies in the event of not-tipping the Souths-NthQld game/s)
Rachel Knights

* In the event of a drawn game (and don't say it shouldn't happen these days ... it happened not once, but TWICE in 2004!), unless somebody actually tipped a draw, then nobody scores a point for that game. The aim of a footy tipping comp is to pick who you think will win. If a game is drawn, no-one wins, therefore you don't score any points.

* You may tip a draw if you so wish. The likelihood of a draw is remote, given the 'Golden Point Extra Time' rule that came in for the 2004 season, but they are still possible. If you correctly tip a draw, the Almighty Chicken Feed will give you 10 points instead of the usual 1. How's that for an incentive! Keep in mind that in State Of Origin and Finals Series matches, a draw is impossible, so I suggest strongly that you don't tip a draw in those games!

* I accept tips up until the start of the game. That also goes for any changes of mind as to who you have tipped. If you miss the kick-off time (or thereabouts ... I'm not that fussy!), see point 1 on this page.

* As of Season 2008, you will notice a difference in the way the rounds are presented once it is completed. It should be pretty obvious and easy to work out, but correct tips are coloured green, incorrect tips are coloured red, and in the event of a non-picked draw (see above), the tip will be coloured yellow.